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Dr. Frederick Neff, a licensed psychologist in Massachusetts, is the founder and director of ProFormance, a performance enhancement consulting group that meets the needs of clients ranging from corporate executives to professional sport organizations. Whomever the client, the goal is always to raise the level of performance to its optimal level, utilizing only the highest level of information, techniques and interventions. Three divisions comprise this group, each with a specific focus.

The first and largest division is ProFormance Consulting, which focuses on clients in the business world. Dr. Neff consults with various companies providing needs assessment, organizational interventions and development of upper management. To this end, Dr. Neff provides executive coaching and team building, management development, stress management training, conflict resolution between and within work groups, as well as emotional intelligence assessment and training. Interventions also include work-focused personal counseling and consultation on issues related to change. Dr. Neff integrates “off-site” activities as needed in the areas of team building, corporate vision development, and strategic planning. All of his services are aimed at enhancing overall performance to optimize a company’s success.

The second division of ProFormance is the Professional Sport Psychology Group, which consults to professional sport organizations. The focus within sport organizations is to improve the overall performance of the professional athletes, both on and off the playing field, utilizing a variety to techniques, interventions and assessment tools that address and develop the mental component to sports performance. The players, coaches, and management are all involved in the process and work together to optimize the teams’ success. Dr. Neff was formerly with the Bay State Bombardiers of the Continental Basketball League, Dave Cowen head Coach, and recently with the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League for 21 years. Currently, Dr. Neff consults to Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc. in Dover, MA.

The third division of ProFormance is HeadCoach, which focuses on the individual athlete and performer, both the professional and the elite. Dr. Neff provides performance enhancement interventions to these athletes and performers across many arenas. While specific names are confidential, clients include golfers, ice skaters, dancers, singers, actors, tennis and basketball and baseball players, swimmers, divers, lacrosse players, race car and rally car drivers, equestrians, marathoners, and ballroom dancers. Dr. Neff’s expertise is extensive and for decades, he has worked with athletes and performers to develop their mental skills and address intrinsic issues of confidence, motivation, anxiety, ability to focus and manage injuries and address personal concerns that may interfere with performance. In working with such athletes and performers, Dr. Neff served as the Consulting Advisor in Sports Psychology for the Manchester Athletic Club/ Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Manchester, MA, he also has consulted with Harvard University’s Women’s Varsity Tennis Team, Cambridge, MA, and was the Sports Psychology Advisor to the MIT Golf Team also in Cambridge, MA. He currently consults to the Varsity Golf Team, Manchester-Essex Regional High School, Manchester MA.

In addition to ProFormance and his consulting activities, Dr. Neff also has an established private practice in Beverly, MA, where he provides executive coaching on an individual basis as well as clinical services to the population at large. He specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy and enjoys individual work as related to anxiety and depression, personality disorders, marital therapy, post-traumatic stress syndrome, alcoholic and drug abuse and adolescent issues, including the ever-prevalent eating disorders. He has provided in-patient and out-patient as well as emergency services to clients in Kentucky and Massachusetts. He has taught at the University of Southern Maine, Bunker Hill Community College and the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Neff has also been affiliated with Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital and various mental health associations and centers in Massachusetts throughout his tenure. His research and publications embrace his areas of interest and expertise.

Dr. Neff makes use of a variety of assessments with individuals and organizations. These tools are listed on a separate document.

Dr. Fred Neff Biography:

Originally from Miami, Florida, Dr. Neff received his B.S. degree from Florida State University in 1972. He received his M.S. degree in Experimental Psychology in 1974 and his S.C.T. degree (Specialist in College Teaching) from Murray State University in Kentucky in 1975. Dr. Neff went on to receive his doctoral degree in psychology (Psy.D.) from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in Boston, MA in 1984. He is a licensed provider in Massachusetts.

Dr. Neff is a member in good standing of the American Psychological Association. He is a current member of the Sport and Exercise Division and Consulting Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association. He has held the position of Attending Psychologist at McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA. He has also held the position of Instructor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. In addition Dr. Neff, also served on the editorial board of the “Sports Medicine Newsletter”, a product of Raven/Lippincott Publishers.

Dr. Neff has been married for 23 years and has two children. Nicole, age 20, studies music in Chicago and son Greg, age 17, is a senior in high school with the goal to study engineering in college.

Currently he consults to: The New Boston Garden Corporation in Boston, MA; Dunkin’ Brands in Canton, MA; Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation in Boston, MA and Team O’Neal Rally Center and Driving School in Dalton, NH. Previous clients include: Popeye’s Chicken in Atlanta, GA; Cliffstar in Dunkirk, NY; The Four Season’s Hotel in Boston, MA; Delaware North Companies in Buffalo, NY; Keane Consulting in Boston, MA and Lotus Development in Cambridge, MA. In the area of stress management and training, Dr. Neff has lectured extensively and conducted seminars with a variety of corporate clients, including Lotus Development, The Four Season’s Hotel and the Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington, Maine. He has co-authored the stress management chapter of The Corporate Heart: Guildlines to Cardiovascular Health Promotion Programs in Business and Industry for the American Heart Association.


  • To help companies of all sizes compete more effectively and become more profitable in increasingly complex, constantly changing business environments

  • To assist individual managers and executives in the development of the skills required to reach the highest levels of personal performance