ProFormanceSports Pyschology Training for Practitioners: Become Proficient in Delivering Sports Psychology Services

The field of sports psychology has experienced rapid growth in the last five years. Elite and professional athletes as well as business executives use elements of sports psychology to improve their performance.

ProFormance provides sports psychology training programs for experienced practitioners. These training sessions provide background, strategies and tools for adding a sports psychology component to an established practice as well as 15 CEUs.

During the 2 ½ day training, participants learn about:

  • The history of sport psychology.
  • Resources available such as professional associations, websites, directories, and relevant literature in the field.
  • “State-of-the-art” assessments.
  • The “culture” of athletics and the unique issues facing professional and elite athletes.
  • The mental skills necessary for an athlete to perform at his/her best.
  • Motivation, how to build confidence, anxiety management, eating disorders, use of steroids, optimism, and pre-competition routines.
  • The development of a “mental recovery device” to use in game situations.

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The final component to the training involves learning from the experts how to market you as a sports psychologist and possible internships and affiliations available.

The training typically takes place in a major sporting arena and, as part of your tuition, participants attend, if the schedule allows, a sporting event at the arena.

If you want to expand your practice, earn 15 CEUs, feel more confident in working with professional and elite amateur athletes, and add an additional source of revenue to your existing practice, send us your information and we will put you on the class list. Classes are forming with limited class size.

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Attendees of Sports Pyschology Training for Practitioners have reported dramatic results.

"Dr. Neff and Dr. Zaichkowsky run an absolutely first rate program. I have always had an interest in sports psychology as an athlete and as a coach. The seminar gave me a deeper understanding of how to apply these strategies and techniques. My colleague and I used the seminar as an impetus to launch a Sport Psychology Program at a leading area hospital. This seminar was instrumental in giving us information and motivation to launch this endeavor. I am very grateful to Dr. Neff and Dr. Zaichkowsky for their willingness to share their expertise!" Dr. Steve Durant, Clinical Psychologist, Boston, MA

"After attending the sports psychology training given by Frederick Neff, Psy.D. and Len Zaichkowsky, Ph.D., I found I was able to work with clients more effectively in the areas of motivational and performance enhancement. Both Fred and Len are excellent practitioners and trainers. After the training the ProFormance, I became the sports psychology consultant for the Boston University Women's Lacrosse Team." Coco Wellington, MA, LMHC, CAS, CADAC II

Attendees and Instructors at Sports Pyschology Training Class for Psychologists

“The material they taught has been useful to me both personally and professionally. I have used the strategies and interventions they taught to increase my performance and motivation in my competitive swimming, in the running of my practice, and in general day-to-day living. The strategies are universal and can be used in sports, business and management, the arts, and in clinical work. I have employed some of the interventions with patients who struggle with depression, negative self-beliefs and low motivation. The strategies are generally specific, concrete and easy to learn and apply.” Douglas M. Deville, Psy.D., Boston, MA

"The sports psychology training seminar with Frederick Neff, Psy.D., has enabled me to enhance my psychotherapy practice to include working with athletes in my office and "on the field". The seminar allows each psychologist to explore their unique interest in a particular performance domain. The material presented was comprehensive and applicable, and the ongoing optional group supervision has been an extraordinary support for making the transition to working with athletes." Sharon Chirban, Ph.D.

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