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Achieve Peak Performance in Business & Sports

Reach your peak performance with sports psychology based consulting.

Are you a business executive looking to close a deal, an athlete striving to win, a sports organization gunning for the championship or a company building a management team? Competition is the same for both professional and corporate athletes, and training based on sports psychology can help you enhance and reach your peak performance level.

ProFormance is dedicated to helping you and your organization reach your peak performance levels. Founded by Dr. Frederick Neff, a sports psychologist with over 25 years of experience, ProFormance has four divisions that specialize in helping businesses, corporate executives, professional sports organizations and individual athletes get to the top of their "game". We specialize in services that will assist you to:

  • Achieve Peak Performance

  • Gain the Competitive Edge

  • Overcome the Pressures of Competition

  • Build Confidence

ProFormance Divisions:

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ProFormance Consulting offers both one-on-one and team coaching.

Services include:

  • Organizational Consulting

  • Executive Coaching

  • Development of Emotional Intelligence

  • Team Building

  • Managerial Development

  • Conflict Management Training

  • Stress Management

  • Performance Enhancement Training
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The Professional Sports Psychology Group (PSPG) provides consulting services to professional sport organizations
within four areas:

  • Performance Enhancement Training.

  • Athlete and Employee Counseling.
  • Sports Psychologist to the New York Rangers
  • Organizational/Resource Consultation.

  • Pre-Draft Evaluation of Athletes.
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HeadCoach, Inc. offers sports psychology services to individual athletes

  • Performance Enhancement Training.

  • Pre-competition Mental Skills Sharpening.

  • Short-term Sport Focused Counseling.

  • Dealing with Injuries, set-backs, coaches and transitions.
Sports Psychology Training for Practioners

ProFormance Training and Development coaching programs support the Professional Sports Psychology Group (PSPG) and HeadCoach divisions. We identify and develop professionals within the broad field of psychology who wish to add a sports psychology component to their existing practice. In addition to their formal higher education, prospective sports psychology consultants receive additional training in the area of sports psychology. Upon the successful
completion of the ProFormance training program, these individuals may then choose to become affiliated with Professional Sports Psychology Group and/or HeadCoach.